What is a DIY Green Minimalist

What is a DIY Green Minimalist? The ultimate way to a better your space, your life and the planet.

Have you been thinking about simplifying your life?  Are you trying to be Greener?  Do you crave organic products, but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Sounds like you want to become a DIY Green Minimalist.

What’s that, you ask?

We’ve all heard of Do It Yourself or DIY projects.  These are projects & tutorials that help you fix, upgrade or completely create a new item instead of buying it, e.g. painting a lamp shade or decorating a plastic 3-drawer container.

Then there is being Greener, which they have been pushing for decades.  You are probably already recycling cans and trying to conserve water and electricity.

Finally, there is being a Minimalist, which is the latest trend.  Having open spaces and reducing the clutter in your home and life has been the new push.  It’s been on TV shows, various magazines and website articles.  They even talk about how much money you can make selling your extra stuff or how much money you’ll save by not buying more stuff.

Yah.  Stuff is just stuffing.  Like carbs, stuff is just an empty filler in your life that is sorely lacking real purpose and dimension.

DIY Green Minimalist brings all of these areas together, so you have one central way of thinking.

Here is how a DIY Green Minimalist thinks.

Let’s say you need a small desk.

1st – Can you repurpose something you already have?

You look around to see if you can repurpose something that you already have.  Is there a desk or surface area that you aren’t truly using?  You walk through your entire house, even the garage.   If you can’t find anything, then you move on to second stage.

2nd – Can you build it yourself?

You ask yourself, if this is something that you can create or build yourself.  Ok, so maybe building a desk is outside your abilities…at this time.  But you might have stuff in your house to assemble a desk like area.   You could stack or rearrange some boxes.  Maybe you already have 2 short shelves or 2 short filing cabinets that you can place a board on top of.

No, really.  That’s part of my desk right now as I type this.

If you can’t build a desk yourself or find anything to help you assemble a desk like area then you move onto the third question.

3rd – Is there another option?

This is where you will really start testing your ingenuity skills.  So, you ask yourself, “Is there an area in the house that could be used as a work area?” I know what you are thinking.

“Cara?  What happened to the desk?”

Sometimes your real problem isn’t what to use so much as it is lack of space.  With some Q&A on your behalf you can figure out how much space you will need and how you plan to use it.  Maybe there is a bookshelf near your couch.  So, clear off a shelf and use it to store your desk stuff.  Then you can work from your couch.

The only limit is your own imagination.

One of the more popular DIY furniture projects is repurposing pallets.  These are the wooden pallets used as a base for large warehouse deliveries.  I’ve seen pallets being used to make various furniture; e.g. coffee tables, planter stations for gardening and desks.

This is the life style of a DIY Green Minimalist; a day in the life of.  Of course you don’t have to jump into the deep end to become one.  Nay, this is something that you should ease into.  Trust me.  It’s a lot to take in at once.

Like becoming greener, it takes time making adjustments on how you view the world.  How many times did you throw away a soda can before you actually started to cringe at the mere thought of it?….  See.  It took a while.  Didn’t it.

How much of a DIY Green Minimalist do you think you are?  Do you only fit into one of these categories? Let me know in the comments section below.

What is a DIY Green Minimalist? The ultimate way to a better your space, your life and the planet.

Image courtesy of  KaboomPics.com

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