What is Blogging?

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What is Blogging? Find out the 3 basic ways to be a blogger.

Do you want to start blogging?

You’d think you wouldn’t need to explain something like blogging, but you’d be surprised.  Believe it or not, that was me a couple of years ago.  People kept telling me that blogging was just sharing updates on Facebook or Twitter.  So, how were people making money from it?  I kept seeing pins about how someone left their job, started a blog and was now making thousands of dollars.  So, what the heck were they doing?  Well, let’s clear up a few things first then we will get to the $$$.

Yes.  Blogging can be writing on social media.  But blogging can be much more than just status updates  with family and friends.  You are also knowingly or unknowingly giving advice.  Its the ‘knowingly giving advice’ that can potentially make you money.

Here are the standard blogging options.

1. Social Media

This is where you are only expressing your feelings, daily activities, advice or sharing a link with others.  The most common are Facebook, Twitter and Google+.   This type does not make you money directly.  If you are sharing your own posts from your blog then you are advertising your blog.  This will in turn send traffic back to your website.  You need traffic to get money from the ads on your website.

2. Blog Sites

Most blog websites are free unless you want some bells and whistles, e.g. blog.com or blogspot.com.  These are websites that you can create your own blog under their umbrella..and by umbrella I mean URL,  e.g.  www.bobsgarden.blog.com. (This site doesn’t exist.  I just made it up.) 

You can use this to create something as simple as an online journal or diary.  You can do something more involved for an upcoming wedding or project. 

If you are looking to become a blogger for money, a blog website might be better just so you can get your feet wet before you jump into the deep end and create a full website.

3. Create Your Very Own Website

Having your very own website is like buying a house.  It’s all yours and you can make it look just about anyway you please.  And you can use it for anything as long as it’s legal.

First, you buy the URL then sign up with a hosting company like HostGator.  After you install WordPress you then buy a theme like AngieMakes, design the layouts, create numerous legal docs to keep you safe and your blog content protected then you get to write to your heart’s content.

I know, I made it sound really simple, but it can get really involved.  It’s like when you create a sim in Sims4.  You would never think that it would take two hours to make a Sim, but it can.

The cost can also vary depending on how much or how little you want to be involved in the development.  There are professional website designers that take care of everything for you.

Which of these types of blogs have you started?  How did it work out for you?  You can answer in the comments section below.

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