4 Reasons Why It’s OK to Use #Hashtags on Pinterest

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Find out why using Hashtags on Pinterest really works. And that Twitter is not the only user of the the # Hashtag.

I’m not sure why I keep hearing that using #Hashtags on Pinterest is wrong.  I’ve heard several bloggers rant about this.  The only issue I see is that the Pinterest users aren’t used to it . . . yet.  There was a time when #Hashtags didn’t appear on Pinterest.  But they have become more and more frequent.

Here are 4 reasons that explain and prove that it’s okay to use #Hashtags on Pinterest.

1.  #Hashtags on Pinterest are Clickable Links

Have you ever noticed that #Hashtags on Pinterest are actual links.  To where you ask?  Click a #Hashtag link and see.  It’s not so bad.

Here are 2 places that #Hashtag links might send you.

Find out why using Hashtags on Pinterest really works. And that Twitter is not the only user of the the # Hashtag.


1. Pinterest’s Search Results

Pinterest can use the #Hashtag to link you to their search results.  It will be same search results, if you had searched for Sleep.

Here is a screen shot of my search results for #sleep.

Hashtag Sample3

But in this scenario, clicking #sleep will not send you to Pinterest’s search results.  You will get Pinterest’s #Hashtag groups.  Which leads me to the 2nd possible link.

2. Pinterest’s Version of #Hashtag Groups

Yep, Pinterest has that now.  Not sure when it started.  But they got’em.  They are like looking at another person’s feed, but it’s a group feed.  You should check it out.  You might even find some new people to follow.

Here is a word of advice when seeking for these groups.  You need to click a hashtag link to find them.  I did an actual search for #sleep and only got search results and not the group.  I’m all ears, if someone else has advice on this.  I’ve never heard anyone talk about it.

Hashtag Sample2


2.  Twitter is Not the Only User of the #Hashtag

Twitter has been using them for so long that they have become common place.  So common in fact that other social media platforms have been making them functional.  Besides Pinterest,  Facebook and Google+ have also made them clickable links.

Facebook’s HelpCenter says that #Hashtags only work for your posts on your personal Timeline or Page.  So, you can use them, but their functionality doesn’t extend beyond your account and your accepted friends.

Google+ Help says that #Hashtags help people find and join conversations about a particular topic.  Any #Hashtag you see on Google+ will be clickable, unlike Facebook.

3.  Bloggers Need Them.  No Getting Around It.

Bloggers or anyone with a website has one shot to get their posts noticed when it gets shared.  After creating a great image, we have to add information to the “Alt Description” area within the image settings.  In there we add a description that will be useful to the sharer, tweeter or pinner.  Sharers don’t want to waste their time worrying about a description, so we fix it up for them.

Because we never know which social media the sharer will be using, we prepare the description for all possible social medias.  For the most part all social medias need the same information, except for Twitter.  So, we add on hashtags.  It’s our way of arming our images for battle.

When you give birth to a child, don’t you prepare it for becoming an adult?  Then you send them off to concur life.  It’s the same with bloggers giving birth to the fruits of their labor. We arm it to be ready for every social media possible.

There is another possible situation that causes blogger and website owners to add #Hashtags.  It’s when we are signed up with an online sharing service like Tailwind or Hootsuite.  These services are used to share, tweet and pin posts – whether they are our or someone else’s posts.  So, we use this opportunity to add on some #Hashtags.

4.  It’s NOT going away

As long as every social media is different, bloggers will need to calculate for them.  All bloggers strive to give their readers the best information and with the best ways possible. Today, it’s hashtags.  Tomorrow….who knows.

This is to you lovely Pinterest users.  Don’t be afraid of the #Hashtag.  It’s not the devil sign.  It’s just something new and it already helps you in Pinterest by giving you search results and taking you to group boards.

Practice using #Hashtags on Pinterest.  Click on one and see what happens.  If it’s something other than what I’ve noted here, let me know.

What are your feelings and experience with #Hashtags on Pinterest?

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Find out why using Hashtags on Pinterest really works. And that Twitter is not the only user of the the # Hashtag.