Evernote: 4 Ways to Help with Bright Background

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Evernote's No Change Background Issue

I’ve tried my share of note taking and writing programs and apps.  Evernote is now my absolute favorite.  I love how neat and clean it is.  No matter what you type it always looks professional.  But it isn’t Microsoft Word.  Evernote doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that Microsoft Office have.

The issue that I’ve found is that you can’t change the background color.  In the daytime its fine.  I can continuously type with no problem.   But at night it hinders my ability to work on my posts.  My eyes start to hurt and I get sleepy…really sleepy.  Is it bedtime?  Nope.  So, being the stubborn person that I am, I couldn’t rest until I figured something out.

I searched online and found many others were also asking for help.  I going to show you the tricks that I use to help lessen the brightened contrast between the black font and the white background as well as an editor program.

1. ENML Editor

One of the first things I found when I started searching was ENML Editor.  It seemed simple enough, but I’m already paranoid about giving all my writing ideas to a website to store.  So, there is no way I’m giving yet another website authorization to my account just to simply change my background color.  There is always another way.  What was it?

If you would like to use ENML Editor, here is a post that explains the steps to change your background color in Evernote.  They lay out all of the steps and include screenshots to help you along the way.

2. Change Font Color

The answer was so simple.  Bloggers use this trick all of the time.  Change the font color to dark grey.  Simple.  Right?

Changing the font color to a color with a medium brightness helps to make the white background seem less bright.  This is because it lessens the contrast between the bright white background and the black font.   Look at this post.   Notice that the font is not black.

Black font on white backgrounds is unpleasant.  Keeping readers happy is very crucial to any website owner.   If they are happy and having a good time, they stay longer to read posts and check out the website.

Of course you can use whichever color floats your boat as long as it lessens the contrast brightness between the font and the background.

Though I just noticed that when I hit enter/return to go the next line then backspace back up again, the font changes back to black.  So, you will have to fix that when it happens – unless the programmers of Evernote fix it.

There’s one more thing.  Not all grays are created equal.  One seems a little blue.  If you desire to use gray then I suggest the one I use.  It’s marked below on the image.


3. Change Font Size

The dark gray works pretty well, but it is still a little bothersome.  So, let’s apply the concept of lessening bright differences and expand on the idea.  Try increasing the font size.

I was using a font size of 14 then increased it to 18. 

Great.  Changing the font size was another improvement.  Using a font with a larger font width increases the amount of dark color on the screen.   It also lessens the amount of white on the screen.

4.  Brightness Level On Screen

This one is probably obvious to most users, but some of you may not have figured it out yet.  Changing the brightness level really, really helps, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or monitor.

I know it’s really easy and quick on an iPhone or iPad, but monitor are not so quickly changed.  I wish there was a simple preset on the computer screen to change from nighttime viewing to daytime viewing.   I wouldn’t mind changing it so frequently, if it didn’t take so many steps to get there.

What tricks do you use to help with Evernote’s no-background-color issue?  Let me know in the comments section below.

Evernote's No Change Background Issue

Image courtesy of  Unsplash.com

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