How to Become a DIY Green Minimalist

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How to Become a DIY Green Minimalist. Learn the basic concepts to get you started to your new life style change.

For some of us, becoming a minimalist is no easy feat.  It takes time.  I’ve been working on it for months.  It can be nerve-racking to separate yourself from your belongings.  We’ve spent time and money investing in our lives.  And our belongings can give us a sense of wealth when we have no wealth to speak of.

In this post we will be going over some basic concepts for being a minimalist.  We won’t get too much into how to be green or create DIY projects.  That is because they have become self-explanatory over the years.   Being a minimalist is the latest trend.  But we will end on how to combine all three ideas.  It will help our projects to become more seamless.

Becoming a Minimalist

Becoming a Minimalist is like becoming green.  It’s not something that happens over night or even in a month.  It’s a life style change.  And changing our life style is changing ourselves.   It takes time to find this new person that we are about to become.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and felt the peace of the openness of your room?  It’s one of the reasons we keep going back.  Even their waiting areas are open.  If you think about it, all waiting areas are open like that.  Why not simplify your house in the same way?  And create the richness of open space.

Yes, this means that you will probably need to get rid of a lot of stuff.  It may become difficult at first.  Some things may be sentimental or gifts from friends and family.  Hopefully, I will be able to walk you through most of it in future posts.  I will also give you some tips on how to decide what to keep.  Then you can relieve yourself of all those extra possessions by selling, donating, recycling or repurposing them.

First Start With Common Areas

First we will need to start in the common areas of your house like the garage, living room and kitchen.  Doing these areas first will help in the following ways:

> Garage Can Become Your Staging Area

If you’ve never heard of a staging area, it’s simply the area used to stage a project.  In this case you will be creating an area for the things you will be getting rid of.  You will create piles for donations, selling or repurposing.

> Help Change the Household’s Mindset

Right now everyone in the household probably is in the routine of constantly adding to the collection.  Starting with the common areas will require their help.  This in turn will not only help you, but help them to think twice before adding again.  It will also motivate them to start thinking about their individual areas in home.

> Give the Household Immediate Gratification

Ahh.  There is nothing better than immediate gratification.  Starting with the common areas will give you that gratification.  This is because these are the areas of the home we spend the most time.   So, not only will it help motivate everyone for more cleaning and decluttering, but your guest’s compliments will only add to it.

Tricks for Putting Bad Habits in Their Place

I will also give you some tricks to help you with your habits that contribute to your cluttered house like shopping, entertainment, and apparel.


Practice restraint when going to the store, or better yet, find a hobby to replace shopping.


Minimize your wardrobe, jewelry and miscellaneous accessories, which may be a little painful at first, but you will be left with only your very best pieces.


You don’t need to go to the amusement park and buy tons of stuff.  You also don’t need to buy movies on discs when you can buy digital online.  And many softwares are downloadable now.

The Domino Effect of Becoming a Minimalist

You may find that over time the more you clear out and simplify, the more you will want to clear out and simplify.  I lie in my bed at night thinking what I can remove from my bedroom.  Every time I go into my bathroom, I find something else to remove. I’ve gone through my bookcase a few times over the years removing books and magazines.

Being Green with DIY Projects

Do-it-yourself or DIY, is a great way to save money and be green at the same time.  Being Green is a great way to minimize the damage to the environment.  And being a Minimalist helps to save money and the environment.  So, it would be logical to combine all three of these aspects so they coalesce.  It’s especially important to combine all 3 ideas when we are working on projects.

I love DIY projects, but it starts to loose its sparkle when it’s not green.  People using duct tape to make a wallet is not being Green.  Neither is buying a bunch of spoons to craft a small decorative Christmas Tree.  But this project can become green if they are left-over spoons from a party.

DIY Green Minimalist also applies to gardening, how you handle your finances, cooking and even beauty routines like choosing a Panasonic Epilator instead waxing.

Doing things yourself can be Green, save money and minimize stuff in your house when you utilize what you already have.  Then you will Become a DIY, Green Minimalist.

Which of the three concepts, DIY Green or Minimalist, are you already practicing?  You can answer in the comments section below.

How to Become a DIY Green Minimalist. Learn the basic concepts to get you started to your new life style change.

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