Cara 101 - touched up

Welcome!  I hope you will enjoy my articles.  I’ve always had a very helpful nature and I love to figure things out then share it with others, so I figured that its high time I started sharing all of it with you.

My goal is to present to you detailed articles that will help to better your life whether it be in an everyday way or long-term.  I want to share with you my tips and tricks that I have used to get through life because, let’s face it, life is a craft.

My most recent career was in the project management field.  I love cooking and tweaking recipes.  I’m a single mom of one.  And me and my daughter love to write and create stories.

I am originally from Arkansas, born and raised. That’s where I get my old-fashion flair from.  I lived on a lovely 26 acre piece of land in the country.  I say lovely because it had a large pond, sand dune area, swampy area in the summer and a natural springs that would push up delicious natural spring water all year round.

I moved out to the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid 80’s.  I love the rich diversity that it offers.  I feel like I’ve got everything at my finger tips.  As the commercials portray, you can go skiing, mountain climbing and surfing all in the same day because everything is within driving distance.  The Bay Area influence is where I get my “modern girl” side and way of thinking.

My motto:                  “When life gives you lemons…you make lemon-aid.”
Nature:                         Explorer (I love to learn new things)
Passion:                        Organization
Hobbies:                      Photography, Writing, Cooking
Occupation:               Mother and Blogger
Last Occupation:     Project Manager

Thanks for dropping by.

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